Friday, June 11, 2010

1 day down. 87 to go.

turbulent, heavy, hopeful.
another abstract.
when i painted this (a couple of days ago), life was feeling very turbulent.
and hopeful.
all at the same time.
sunset over the water.
it's dark.
and light.
with an edge.
all at the same time.
which is what i wanted it to be.
being thankful, and mindful of who is in my life and what we have.


Bonnie said...

Stunning, beautiful, beyond amazing...please open your Etsy shop again (aren't I the greedy one!). Your voice is strong! Big hugs, the prof from Cleveland.

Leah said...

it's so good to "see" you...I miss you! love you mucho!

Sherine said...

Love the painting. Miss you :)