Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lose yourself in a world of creativity!

Color is SO important. Color inspires me. Polkie dots inspire me. lol.... Freedom inspires me. The freedom to do whatever you want on a page. So much fun. So yea...lol...not everything I do turns out...but it's worth it to experiment. How else do you learn? How else do you expand yourself. I've decided to give myself permission to make mistakes on my pages....that it's okay....and if I 'waste' some supplies in the process? Well.....I'll survive. I just always feel so bad when I start something and it doesn't turn out the way I had envisioned...and I end up just throwing something away. ~GASP~ Yes...lol...some things are a lost cause. But it's been a learning experience so not entirely a lost cause I suppose. lol... Go. Create. Be inspired. Lose yourself in the world of creativity. Nothing's better.


smkh1117 said...

There you go inspiring me again! Beware it could be contagious! LOL!

Kimberly said...

Steph...lol...you're awesome.

JenSmack said...

OMG - I get so upset with myself if I end up throwing something away! LOL Like I've "wasted" it somehow if something I tried didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it. I do need to learn to let go a little better... I'll keep trying. :) Thanks for the reminder!