Saturday, March 26, 2011

small steps.

in this house....
there is love
and passion
we make mistakes
and learn from them
we live with gentle
we try hard
we laugh
we figure things out
we are family
we are forever
and we welcome you to our

a little sign i made a few days ago for the small covered front porch you come through as you enter my house. made with architectural salvaged wood. i gave it a color wash and then painted on the words. i haven't decided if i'll leave it here, sitting on top of the bench, or, hang it from the wall somewhere in the porch.

i found the bench at the same architectural salvage place. it was perfect for the space. the boys can sit on it while taking their shoes on and off. since it rains so much here, they aren't allowed to wear their shoes in the house. so this is perfect.

above the sign (attached to the wall) there is a glass bottle with a wired flower on the top. my plan is to have a few of these and when i do i will fill them all with fresh flowers.

next up? a rug. a cool, funky rug to sit outside the front door. there will also be flower pots. i have a vision of how i want it to be, and am slowly......VERY slowly....making some changes.


Christi said...

love this so much! you have such a great eye for color and texture and pulling all these pieces together to make a cohesive look!

Anonymous said...

The porch color, design and sign ooze of peace, love and creativity. It is so welcoming. LOVE IT

If you make more, people would buy this up. Starting here!

E in Eugene

~*Christina*~ said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! Come do my house! :)

wife2jack said...

Will you be listing something like this in your etsy shop?

Rachel said...

I think of you often. A lot latelyl. I too have been on the reason for it really other than...i don't know...not understanding it all myself let alone out loud....Savvy? Anyway, I've missed you.

I love the sign. We are officially looking for a house now....if it's cool with you I'd like to use it in my home's the philosophy I want for my kids and the people who are welcomed into our lives.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty sign!

Melissa Jantz said...

I keep checking for new entries. Does anyone know if this blog has moved elsewhere or is defunct?