Monday, January 24, 2011

an art journal page.

i haven't worked in my art journal in months.
close to a year.
maybe it even HAS been a year.
it was slow.
which is fine.
i was thinking.
it is important to me that my art journal pages be accurate.
that they reflect what i was feeling in a given moment.
even though it's not always pretty.
i have a strong sense of who i am. i am confident in and comfortable with who i am. there have been, however, two events that have caused me to question and re-evaluate myself. becoming a mother. and james' death. being a mom is something i struggle with. not all aspects of it. mostly the amount of energy and focus it takes. james' death shook me to my core. it took everything i knew to be true, away. but i know this. the core of who i am remains true. i will not be defined by outside forces. i am who *I* choose to be.


Christi said...

whenever I see that style of letters, I always think of you, K. You used them all the time at Scrap Gal.

Leah said...

love it...and so glad you are journaling that pic!