Friday, December 03, 2010


watching someone work their craft...whatever it might pure magic.
i sometimes watch people and wonder what it is they see.
you know, inside their head.
i wonder if things, life....everything....looks different to them.
do they interpret life differently than the rest of us?
how do they make it happen.
i sometimes wonder this about myself.
i finish a painting and for the life of me, can't recall how i did it.
it just, sort of....happens.
living in a sleepy coastal town?
THE best.
watching the fog lift, as you drive....or walk.....
take in the beauty.
an unexpected beautiful, sunny day?
appreciate every little bit of it.
i am once again reminded how fragile life is.
how easily it can slip away.
how easily, and quickly, bad things can happen.
tonight i am content to sit, by the light of the christmas trees, tucked safely inside my home.
i am also, once again, reminded of what really matters.
someone to share your life with.
all the LITTLE things.
the warmth of another human against you.
well, not just any human.
but one you care about.
strong arms around you.
needing to get back to that place where i can shut out the world.
and hopefully in the process, paint something that conveys passion. intensity. rawness. and beauty.
always beauty.


Marieke said...

I love this photo of you.
Just stopping by to say hi really. Good to see you more content with life ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marieke, this photo is lovely. You hit the nail on the head- it is the little things.

Astoria has something magical about it-the fog, the beaches, the mud flats at low tide. I love the bridges, the coffee houses and the old town buildings.


QuirkyGirl said...

School is madness full of nasty drama and YET AGAIN I find myself dubbed 'the weird girl' and i feel pitched right back to high school. It sucks cuz I wanted this for a really long time and it's getting jacked around by a bunch of evil mean girls. And the work load is nuts for the first 8 weeks. So that's why I seemed to have dropped out instead of in. I feel like a bad friend. I don't like that. But what I did like was that I read you in this post. You were in there. I saw it. I heard you. I FELT you. The wonder of what's in the heads of somebody else. THIS is beautiful. This is the artist's heart of you, Momma

Binauf said...

wow thos is intereting kip it up