Wednesday, November 03, 2010

hipsta app. cool shit.

hipsta print taken with my iPhone.
in my studio.
november 1, 2010.
if something feels right, how can you be scared of it.
SHOULD you be scared of it.
it seems to fit.
yet it shouldn't.
how can it possibly???
it mystifies you.
how did this happen.
i do nothing but question it. in its absence.
but when it is present, all else is forgotten.
things just feel right.
i am afraid.
the simple things in life ARE the best things.
i know this.
i really really do.
someone's arms around you in comfort or passion....
a gentle kiss.
the caress of someone ever so gently brushing your skin.
touching your hand.
rubbing your back....
quiet time with no conversation.
times of rapid conversation where you are engaged.
and before you know it 3 hours have passed.
sharing your passions.
knowing that there is someone there.
for YOU.
a sense of peace.
a deep breath.
when it goes away it comes crashing down hard around you.
that IS what matters.
these are the things i miss.


Anonymous said...

Use the time that you are here and alive on Earth to soothe your soul, celebrate the small things and love.

Love hard.

Everything that has ever been laid in your lap has been there to teach you a lesson. It's up to you if you want to open the book and start life's next adventure. <3


- Violet

Marieke said...

Can't top what Violet said.
Live in the moment.
Much love XX

Leah said...

you look awesome! love that shirt! mwah!

QuirkyGirl said...

Here you are. I've missed you. Me thinks there's more to this...a bit you're PURPOSELY not telling. I even have a sneaking suspicion. And if I'm remotely even warm on this then I'm going to suggest you try to recall the advice you had to give me over and over when I started a journey about 9 months and 2 blogs back...Life is short...give it a chance.

Dig the shirt...Miss you words...glad you're back.