Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we are moving in 9 days.

i once had a passing thought that if i ever had my own little studio space, it would have a purple stained concrete floor. so here it is. this is my studio which is just really another room in our new house. except it has the perfect floor for painting and getting messy. and a sink. with cold AND hot water. two very important things for a studio? floors you can easily clean/wipe paint off and a sink with running cold and hot water (so you don't freeze your hands off) to rinse brushes.

i am looking forward to organizing my studio. getting my roll of canvas out. my stretcher bars. all my paint. maybe, one day, when i don't have more 'house' stuff to do, i will paint. i miss that creative, get lost...get in the zone...forget about everything else part of me.

met with a tax dude earlier this week. my taxes for 2009 were more difficult than 2008. lots of questions i didn't know the answers to. so i found someone, made the appointment and went. i sometimes forget to self edit. i forget where i am, who i am with. i am pretty sure i said fuck at least three times (to the CPA). yeah. i'm sure that made a nice impression. lol... i know i have to self-edit when out in 'public'. i just forget sometimes. it takes a lot of effort. ooops.


QuirkyGirl said...

Right the fuck on with your purple art studio room that screams Kimberly's Place floors! I'm so stoked for you!!!!

katrynka said...

I did not know you could stain concrete such cool colors!! And I love the shine too!

SaraReno said...

Wow, what a great space! The purple is really perfect.