Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ground hog day?

i feel like today, i did exadtly what i did yesterday. gee. wonder why. oh wait. i know. because i did do exactly what i did yesterday.
get up. check.
make breakfast for the boys. check.
take a shower. check.
yell at boys to get ready for school. check.
take E to school. check.
clean microwave. check.
clean oven. check.
sweet kitchen/dining. check.
unload dishwasher. check.
put away 8 billion play doh tools and cans of play doh. check.
wash alexander's laundry. check.
wash some of james' and my laundry. check.
clean front of stainless steel fridge. check.
dust family room and living room. check.
pick up E from school. check.
pass out some of the spiced candied pecans i made for people at E's school. check.
vacuum stairs. check.
vacuum upstairs. check.
make sample ornaments for E's class. check.
cut out and assemble all materials for said ornaments (needed for thursday's party). check.
help E with homework. check.
go outside and bring in 5...yes i sais 5 big boxes from UPS. check. thanks mom. and bob and elizabeth.
make dinner? hmm. need to get on that. no clue what we'll have. better figure it out. it's 5:45.


Lisa said...

You know...too much cleaning is hazardous to your health. Seriously, don't laugh. Medical experts say overuse of antibacterial products is creating antibiotic resistant germs.

So put down the cleaning supplies and put your feet UP!!!

ellen said...

pls tell me you didn't have to clean your oven two days in a row, not sure if i have ever cleaned mine :0

Rachael said...

Clean the microwave? Clean the oven? Are you supposed to do that?

Your house must be sparkling!!

Now take Lisa's advice and kick back and relax!

Love ya, girl!

Leslie Ashe said...

Man you do ALOT! Breaker breaker...you need a rest!

Merry Merry to you and your sweet family.
Hugs, Leslie

Trish said...

Wow I am exhusted reading this!

Take so time and relax!

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.