Wednesday, December 05, 2007

alexander's birthday part three.

alexander had one birthday, but in four parts.
part 1: sick, throwing up...miserable.
part 2: small party at beach house over thanksgiving to help make up for party we had to cancel on actual bday because bday boy was so sick.
part 3: birthday party. finally. not when first scheduled, or as planned...but hey. things happen. at least we were able to have the party and alexander had fun.
part 4: pinata at grandma's house.
the pics in this post are all from alexander's bday part 3. and james...if you read this....hope you enjoy the ass shot. you took it, you get to look at it. i think i have enough ass shots to fill an entire album. maybe i should make that a priority. hmmm?
anyway, alexander's party was at jump man jump (the blurry pic of my ass is me and alexander climbing up the steps to the giant slide). all in all i think he had a fun time. just too bad we couldn't have the party on his bday as planned.
oh, one last thing. do you so dig the hair? alexander has me spike his hair up almost every single day. i love his individuality. i really truly 100% so dig his just be himself. to be what he wants to be. to be how he wants to be. he is a most amazing and wonderful boy.

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