Monday, November 05, 2007

what's a post without a pic. right?

this is for you james. yup. you took it. now you get to look at it. :wink:
the weekend before halloween we spent the day at my in-laws carving pumpkins. yes. that's me. carving a pumpkin. what? OH. i see. you can't tell that's me carving a pumpkin because all you can see is my ASS!!!!!!!!!
a fun time was had by all. everyone walked away a winner. grandma had presents for all the little ones. so much fun!


Stephanie said...

You are too funny!

Lisa said...

Ahhhhh....the infamous "ass shot"

My dad did that to my mom ALL the time. Drove her nuts!

Still got to say you are working the jeans!

Leslie Ashe said...


Hi stranger :)

jenscaleshr said...

Nice ass.


Rachael said...

LOL Chris does that too!! LOL

Love the bling on the jeans!!!

Nice ass! LOL

Punkass said...

gimme some o dat junk