Sunday, November 18, 2007

happy birthday alexander.

today is alexander's birthday. but we did not have a party. why you ask? alexander is sick. still. today he was worse than he's been. so bad in fact we had to cancel his party at jump man jump. he just had no energy and was pretty much miserable all day. he opened his presents from mom and dad (and from my mom too). then took a bath. and layed around feeling icky. he did muster up the energy to ask for a cupcake (i baked 36 of them yesterday in the hopes we wouldn't have to cancel his party)....yeah...that was smart of me wasn't it.....anyone want a cupcake? james was out running errands but ethan and i sang happy birthday to alexander and he blew out his candles. not much of a birthday. we rescheduled his party (and it won't be the same). can you tell today was a crappy day? not as bad as it could have been i realize that. but not as good as it should have been. my little boy tunred four today.
turns out that ethan how has what alexander has. and it's a long one. so long in fact we may not be going to the beach for thanksgiving. can we just catch a break? one small little break? with everything else that's been going on i am about to lose it. seriously.
four years ago at this time i had a baby that was almost 10 hours old. and today he is four years old. i just hope that tomorrow he wakes up and is well. and that ethan magically gets well before wednesday. yeah. here's hoping.


Stephanie said...

Cupcakes, yum! I too was sick on my birthday. Hope they feel better soon. Happy thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

You have had a lot on your plate the last two weeks chicka.

And you are in my thoughts.

Leslie Ashe said...

Happy Birthday Alexander!! Hope you're feeling better!! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, K. Been thinkin' about ya!