Friday, September 21, 2007

my mom is coming tomorrow.

so why am i sitting down and not cleaning? well....i did just clean the boys' bathroom and the 1/2 bath downstairs. and dusted the stair railing. and started dinner. and cut and arranged two large bouquets and two really small ones for my mom's arrival. and got her gifts together and wrapped. i give her a little something every night she is here. it's not much. and she's only here for two nights. but it's fun to do. i need to dust the family room. and vacuum upstairs and down. i cleaned the stove and the front of the stainless fridge.

need to pick up E soon. soccer practice today and a game tomorrow.

i haven't really felt like blogging since we got back from dworld (which btw james was the most perfect best trip ever). i'm still hugely depressed at being back. and no. i'm not kidding.

feeling unsettled. seriously unsettled. i've got that jittery.....something bad is happening kind of feeling. too many things going on. and none of them good.

now i need to go clean more. oh. and prepare food for the maybe non-existent birthday party for my nephew kyler tomorrow. need to get it all done today since we have a soccer game in the am and then my mom comes two hours later.

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Stephanie said...

Hope the visit is great!