Thursday, September 27, 2007

in the mood to create but not creating anything.

did this page on sunday. nothing since. and i only did it because i had to. look here. scroll down four posts. not that i didn't want to. i did. i'm just having a hard time scrapping. i'm more in the mood for an art journal page. so that's what i did.
i'm in the mood for paint. and a mess. that's a good combo becasue when i paint everything is a mess! maybe i'll work on a page tonight. maybe not. i might watch grey's instead.


Rachael said...

Well, whatever you are in the mood for looks good!! This is awesome!! I so wish I had your painting talents, even just a smidge! LOL

Great Kimberly goodness!!

Stephanie said...

Love the LO! You always rock the paint!

Anonymous said...

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